Final Project

Published May 9, 2012 by renaehooks

My final project- Audio Documentary about how music impacts society!

The link will take you to the mp3 to listen to the project!

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Final Questions and Answers

Published May 2, 2012 by renaehooks

The correct answer is by a bolder letter. The page number is by the question.

1. What was the name of the first social network? “The History of Social Media

a. Facebook

b. MySpace

c. Bebo

d. Geocities

2. What is payola? 138

A. the practice of record promoters paying deejays or radio programmers to play particular songs

B. the contrast between high and low culture

C. a genre of music

D. the practice of playing the most popular or best-selling song many times throughout the day

3. Who postulated the existence of radio waves? 160

A. Thomas Edison

B. Reginald Fessenden

C. James Maxwell

D. Guglielmo Marconi

4. Where were film production centers initially based? 194

A. Hollywood

B. Miami

C. New York

D. Cuba

5. Why did film production centers move from their starting base? 194

A. Because a lot of producers did not want to agree to Trust terms that were associated with trust-approved theater companies

B. The cost of producing films was too great, so they were forced to move to a location that allowed for cheaper production

C. Producers didn’t agree with the three pillars of vertical integration

D. Too many companies were block booking

6. What percentage of Americans had a television set in 1948? 219

A. 10 %

B. 1 %

C. 40%

D. 5%

7. What is the first 24/7 cable TV news channel? 234





8. True or False: There is not a difference between the internet and World Wide Web. 257 & 261


9. True or False: The digitial divide refers to the contrast between the “information haves” and “information have nots.” 272


10. How have social networking sites changed society? You can focus on one aspect of society it has changed.

A Time of Great Opportunity and Little Security.

Published April 23, 2012 by renaehooks

Today, Margie Freivoge came to SLU to talk about the future of journalism. She is the editor of the St. Louis Beacon. The beacon is a non for profit organization that focuses on stories that aren’t likely to hit mainstream news. For example, when Pujols was injured in a subsequent season, they didn’t cover it, which created a major distinction between them and other news organizations.

One of the things she talked about in regards to the future of journalism is the change in the type of revenue newspapers receive. Historically, revenue has been produced through ads, which is something we discussed in class. However, due to companies like craigslist and a major shift to new media, companies have had to find innovative ways to produce revenue. The St. Louis Beacon creates revenue mainly through donations but a small amount is generated from ads and events they host.

Technology has challenged newspapers to create new business models that can stand the test of the technology shift. It’s important to create a new business model because individuals are consuming newspapers in a different format than in the past. With the new platform of the internet, companies have to roll with the punches. Margie told a story of meeting the owner of craigslist and asking him to help generate a new business model for the paper.

Something she talked about that was interesting to me was how there is a network of non for profit news papers that share revenue promotion tips. To me, this displayed that there was a sense of community among the journalism world. While it is obviously extremely competitive, not all organizations want to see the other crash and burn.

Since I am not on the journalism track, I will not be burdened by the change in technology. However, I am thinking about going into an organizational or media studies graduate Communication program, where I’m sure I will have to contend with a change in technology. I believe that regardless to what field you are in, technology will impact the way in which you complete and approach you job.

A Multipurpose Invention that Would Change the World Drastically.

Published April 9, 2012 by renaehooks

I watched “The future of television” reading for my blog post. While the technology is clearly superior to anything we currently have, I don’t believe it will ever happen realistically. My first reason is that it will be too costly for anyone, except the wealthy, to afford such technology. I don’t believe the technology would be created, solely, with the wealthy in mind. At the beginning of the post, it details some of the things that average people dream about, such as smelling brownies on the television screen and ordering pizza at the wave of the hand. Since it would surely be costly to gain this type of technology, I believe it would deprive millions of individuals of something that they have dreamed, thought or fantasized about at least once.

Another reason I don’t agree with this technology because it would hurt the advertising industry. It highlights customization among the advertising industry, but it is overlooking smaller companies who don’t already have their foot in the door. Advertising is a major way many new companies and products get a jump-start and if no one knows about the product, they would not desire to have that type of advertisement. In other words, new companies would not be able to compete with established companies.

While I don’t agree with the predictions of this post, the technology has positive aspects as well. While it would be costly, it would subtract the need for other technologies, such as laptops and projectors for video conferences and the DVR. It would be one investment that could serve different functions.

Extra Credit- Classic Movie

Published April 4, 2012 by renaehooks

The classic movie I watched for Extra Credit was E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. The film  is about an alien who ends up on Earth for one reason or another. Upon his arrival on Earth, government officials are on a search for him. Eventually, a child stumbles upon him and they become friends before government officials find him.

While I am not a fan of this movie, it deserves to be called a classic. One criteria I typically associate with a movie being a classic is the movie being remade at least once. E.T. was remade in 2002. Also, the special effects and production of the film were good. I read that the film budget for the original movie was 10 million dollars, which was recouped while the movie was in theaters. The high budget ensured it was going to be full of special effects. Also, another criteria for a classic is how much it sells at the box office. If we look at movies like The Titanic, which is undoubtedly a classic, who made box office records, it is safe to say this is a good criteria to determine if a movie will eventually be called a classic. Another reason I believe it to be a classic is its story line. This probably wasn’t the first movie of this king, but it was probably the first of this kind at this level of quality.

I think this film being dubbed as a classic tells us that our culture likes to fantasize. A lot of fantasy movies are popular and it just shows that we like an escape from the normal. With space exploration rising around the time the movie was released, it probably gave people a sense of hope that there is existence outside of Earth.

I don’t believe this film relates to anything we’ve discussed thus far in class. If it has, I can’t think of it.

Final Project

Published March 27, 2012 by renaehooks

I plan to do a final project with Gabrielle Greer. We are doing an audio documentary on how music has impact society. The purpose of our paper is to explore the idea of how music has impacted society. We will be conducting interviews to learn if people believe it has, why and how. We have set dates aside to work on the project and have determined we will be conducting the interviews individually. The dates we are going to edit the project are below:


4/3: 2-3pm
4/5: 2-3pm
4/10: 2-3
4/12: 2-3
We will add more dates as necessary to complete the project.

Final Project Ideas

Published March 21, 2012 by renaehooks

1. An audio documentary about how music can impact one’s life or society. I want to do this topic because music plays a crucial role in developing society. Ideally, I would do this project solo. It would primarily consist of interviews. 

2. A short film that is a PSA exposing unethical advertising tactics.This would be a group project. It would consist of interviews, data and probably clips from advertisements.

3. A short film of a dramatization of a popular book. This would be a group project. We would have to create a script and get people to play in the film.